Nvidia Applied Research Accelerator Award

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Announcement of Nvidia Applied Research Accelerator Award, and implications for combined sensor network research.

I have thrilled to say that my Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship project, Spatial Fingerprinting for self-securing wireless networks has been selected for included in Nvidia’s Applied Research Accelerator Program. They have generously decided to support my research by donating two Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kits to the University of Bristol to support my research.

Spatial Intelligence Node

The benefit of this type of computing resource is it allows me to run computer vision, radio sensing, and networking algorithms on each node, applying both conventional and machine learning to a distributed sensor network in ways that simply would not be possible with either the size and power requirements of a conventional computer, or the performance restrictions of something like a Raspberry Pi.

This grant allows me to extend my Spatial Intelligence Sensor Network from a single node, to three independent nodes, capable of sensing their local environment both independently and cooperatively.