Talks and presentations

Radar 2022 : Antenna Array Design for Complex Platforms

October 24, 2022

Tutorial, Radar 2022, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Tutorial : Radar 2022 - Antenna Array Design for Complex Platforms

A tutorial on antenna array design for complex platforms at Radar 2022 in Edinburgh. As the demand for integrated radar systems increases, there is a commensurate need for consistent model based approaches to the design and integration of antennas and antenna arrays in the overall platform and system models. On mobile platforms, the interior volume and surface footprint available to sensors is a critical resource, while for fixed structures, the influence of the local environment must be considered if a proposed radar system is to meet the desired system performance requirements.

GPU powered electromagnetics for Digital Twin driven research

February 22, 2022

Talk, Smart Internet Lab Seminar, Bristol, United Kingdom

As GPU capabilities allow for more detailed electromagnetics and physical models to be explored on smaller platforms, there is an opportunity for overlap between ways of measuring the 3D space, and the measurement architecture itself. The use of different sensing modes for Digital Twins allows for the possibility of radio frequency measurements with accompanying computer vision or lidar measurements, in order to allow the researcher to account for the signature of the built environment, office space, or anechoic chamber within the measurement. Initial work will be present, and the concept explored for future work.

GPU modelling for high frequency antenna and propagation modelling

September 21, 2021

Talk, SMART:2021 Future Networks Research Conference, Bristol, United Kingdom

As mobile communications expands to higher frequency domains, the development of accurate, cost effective methods of antenna array design and over the air (OTA) validation is required to ensure that user equipment is capable of meeting the system requirements of beamformed directivity and pointing accuracy. In the course of developing these methods, GPU enhanced modelling allows for accurate simulation of the scenarios under test and exploration of different system configurations

The talk can be found on Youtube here.